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Note: This topic is primarily for users to flag spam and glaringly obvious trolls to the Night Watch team. If there's a poster who's really worrying you, please do report it to MNHQ in the usual way.

Can we lose the bigsexywalker please?

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paxillin Wed 20-Dec-17 02:02:13

Plus all his socks. He is spamming the boards. Seems on a 12 pint bender, it's not pretty.

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 20-Dec-17 02:03:30

Lose him? I'd rather bury it under the patio. He's started on MH threads.

And Yewmapunts or whatever the sock-puppet name is.

Battleax Wed 20-Dec-17 02:04:40

What? Where?

Such a charming sounding NN too.

paxillin Wed 20-Dec-17 02:05:26

That would be one way of losing him, but it would mean ripping up the patio.

Janetjanetjanet Wed 20-Dec-17 02:06:02

Yes they need to go please.

paxillin Wed 20-Dec-17 02:06:05

Several threads. One with OP worried her DH didn't come home.

blackdoggotmytongue Wed 20-Dec-17 02:08:05

Painfully obviously children. Even ds1 has better patter.

SisterLocation Wed 20-Dec-17 02:08:17

Yes, get rid please asap.

NoMudNoLotus Wed 20-Dec-17 02:12:01

Please make them go away ... i feel like all the reporting in the world is being ignored sad

Battleax Wed 20-Dec-17 02:12:30

Who is the Yermawpunts person? Aren't they part of it?

NoMudNoLotus Wed 20-Dec-17 02:13:38

@Battleax yes they are.

What in gods name language do they speak ??? Are they aliens ???

Battleax Wed 20-Dec-17 02:13:39

They are being hidden NoMud. It'll probably take a while for whoever is on NW to go through.

NoMudNoLotus Wed 20-Dec-17 02:14:10

Thanks @Battleax 😊

Battleax Wed 20-Dec-17 02:14:19

Weird MLE alien bollox, I think.

SisterLocation Wed 20-Dec-17 02:17:46

The language/text they use hurts my eyes

Nightwatcher Wed 20-Dec-17 02:18:31


<nurses trigger finger...>

NoMudNoLotus Wed 20-Dec-17 02:19:02

And me @SisterLocation my brain cant compute it

Nightwatcher Wed 20-Dec-17 02:19:12

can peeps link to other threads? can't find them...


raisinsarenottheonlyfruit Wed 20-Dec-17 02:20:01

Sounds like Scottish teenage pisshead aliens to me.

NoMudNoLotus Wed 20-Dec-17 02:20:31

@Nightwatcher they spammed one about an OP wanting advice about meds for her anxious teen sad

GreenPurpleRed Wed 20-Dec-17 02:22:42

This is on of the threads they're on

HemanOrSheRa Wed 20-Dec-17 02:22:52

Schools out, eh? Brace yourself (selves? I hope there is not one of you?) Nightwatcher

GreenPurpleRed Wed 20-Dec-17 02:22:57


paxillin Wed 20-Dec-17 02:27:18

Now we have bigsexywalker2 as well.

Nightwatcher Wed 20-Dec-17 02:28:41

cant find the teen anxiety thread, NoMud

they are persistent, I'll give them that...