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Style rut... Little things you do to make you looked groomed

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whamA1 Sun 17-Dec-17 00:12:54

Feeling very low, used to be so fashion conscious, skinny & trendy... Had kids & suddenly I've gained 16lbs, clothes look shabby on me, don't have time to get my colour done, do my eyebrows myself & they look hideous & I never have my nails done... I really am like a shadow of myself. My kids are older now so I want to start looking more groomed & confident. Hate the school run, lots of cool glamorous moms who make it look effortless, I look like a bag lady....

ProseccoMamam Sun 17-Dec-17 00:31:35

Change your wardrobe with pieces that are nice but easily thrown together to make a decent outfit
Loose weight if you feel it would help with confidence
Organise a hair appointment and get your nails done
Start exercising, it helps a lot with lifting your mood and gaining confidence
Get your brows done professionally
Buy a lovely moisturiser with SPF and use it each morning
Get a new handbag and matching shoes
Treat yourself to some nice smelly things for the bath

DameDoom Sun 17-Dec-17 06:59:50

You must make time to get your hair sorted - it will make the world of difference. Get a one-off threading and you can maintain them yourself with brow gel and tweezers. Do a Sunday facial - get all your products out and use them. If you don't have any, treat yourself.
Use a crystal nail file and slap on some Dior Nail Glow - makes your nails look really healthy and groomed and doesn't chip. I used to get my nails shellaced but it cost a fortune and wrecked my nails - am on to my 4th bottle of nail glow.

whamA1 Sun 17-Dec-17 07:41:05

Great tips thanks, don't know how I let myself go so much, my confidence in myself is gone. Will look into the dior nail gel, will make hair & nails appointments & get the brows looked at too.

VanillaLatteAndCake Sun 17-Dec-17 08:17:58

A really quick one I do is to always make sure I've got stylish winter coat. (My go-to is Next.) Then you can basically wear whatever, chuck on your coat, button it up & voila, stylish and elegant! So handy for when you need to pop out, (school run, corner shop etc) it means you can Be wearing your jeans & old hoody but no one knows!

goose1964 Sun 17-Dec-17 11:43:58

I have the same problem but no money to spend on myself. What can I do for free.

Whensmyturn Sun 17-Dec-17 12:28:49

Agree with poster above a good coat plus a scarf and a good pair of smart but comfortable boots. I always keep a tub of moisturiser in the car too.

whamA1 Sun 17-Dec-17 20:18:43

Goose1964, I didn't have the money previously either but I've had a wage increase & I would like to invest a little bit in myself... However anything I can do for free would be most welcome also.

BusterGonad Sun 17-Dec-17 20:23:19

Get an eyeshadow stick, my favorite is By Terry Ombré Blackstar BUT Rosie for Autograph has one that's just as good and you can pick one up on eBay for about £9. It's so SO easy to use and makes you look instantly made up, pop in some gloss or lippy and you will look and feel so much better. Feline Fox is a lovely bronze gold and Magic and Sparkle is a kaki silver gold. They are my new go to product!

BusterGonad Sun 17-Dec-17 20:27:11

Here they are! ❤️

CharlieBoo Sun 17-Dec-17 20:52:11

For the winter no one sees what’s under your coat.. so my basics are from new look/next etc then I have an expensive coat that you can chuck over anything.. nice leather gloves and boots and you look presentable...

Blondielongie Sun 17-Dec-17 21:58:27

Grey wool coat, black skinny jeans, black pointy flats ( or boots - dms flora?) Grey scarf in a different tone of grey wrapped around twice. Gloves and a plain handbag. Earrings or necklace, not both. Arty statement watch. Not floral and no logos on anything whatsoever (except shoes, maybe superstars but worn ironically) lipstick and mascara.

My go-to, never failing look smile if you love colourful clothing/floral patterns maybe not for you tho...

whamA1 Tue 19-Dec-17 10:18:16

Great advice, making a big effort this week so I'll be sorted for the new year! Keep the tips coming!

DifficultLemon Tue 19-Dec-17 10:40:31

I think if you get your eyebrows and hair done properly and some decent skincare on the go that will make a world of difference to how you feel. Clothes etc. can be a work in progress but having those basics sorted will really help.

HorseItIntoMe Tue 19-Dec-17 17:29:50

Gel nails

Good eyebrows (Eyebrows threaded / shaped professionally ideally )

Decent haircut (and dye job, if you are that way inclined 😅)

LittleWitch Tue 19-Dec-17 18:55:24

I second the decent coat tip. I’m currently wearing a white down coat from Uniqlo (about £60) and have lost count of the number of people who have said “ooh glamorous”. Don’t even need a scarf as the collar comes up to my chin. Black jeans (Dottie P, £12), Fly boots, decent bag and good for anything. I’m not going to mention that 10 mins after the latest “ooh glamorous” from the lady in the optician’s, the guys in the coffee shop yelled “Stormtrooper” as I walked in. Not going to mention that at all, no grin.

TheOtherGirl Tue 19-Dec-17 19:05:14

I'm always professionally pedicured.

Always wear good quality matching bra & pants (so even if just slobbing in jeans + jumper I still feel slightly dressy.

Good perfume, every day.

CountFosco Tue 19-Dec-17 19:44:13

I'd say hair first because it's such an instant boost. Good cut, but read the going grey threads to put you off the treadmill of dying your hair. Then concentrate on your health, and do as much exercise as you can. Walk or cycle as much as you can to get around, do exercise videos on youtube/run/swim/ go to the gym. Use a free app like myfitnesspal to monitor your food consumption and help you cut back on snacks/junk food/alcohol. Being fit and a healthy weight makes the biggest difference to how others perceive you, but more importantly it's good for your health and will keep you looking youthful as you age.

While you are doing that shop your wardrobe and clear out the stuff you no longer love. Read some fashion blogs or people watch to get some ideas about outfits then start buying some bits and bobs to bring what you already have up to date. Have fun!

And don't be too hard on yourself. I think we are expected to bounce back after our children are born but it took me years to fully find myself again after my kids were born (I had 3 under 5 for a while so was completely in baby hell for years). My youngest is now 5 and it's really only in the last 2-3 years I've been able to devote time to me again (and that's with a great DH who does his share of the wifework). Now in my mid 40s I am fitter than I've ever been, am slimmer than I've been since my 20s and feel great.

Maccapacca88 Tue 19-Dec-17 21:08:37

I feel your pain OP. Have been either pregnant or breastfeeding for 3 years now. I look and feel knackered. This thread has inspired me to hop in the bath and whack on a face mask and hair mask with a hot
chocolate and MN!

My tips would be to get well fitting jeans, classic tops/jumpers and smart boots. Master a quick updo. I shower when the kids are in bed so I have time in the morning to do my face! Concealer is your friend!

BlueEyedWonder Tue 19-Dec-17 22:20:13

Yes to getting a cut and colour, eyebrows threaded and to nail glow.

Don’t diet but cut out the junk and run, bike or swim.

Drink lots of water.

Chelsea boots. Slim/Skinny jeans. Cashmere jumper. Good coat. Scarf. Gloves. Leather bag.

juliantortoise Tue 19-Dec-17 22:28:44

Christmas is a great time to collect scent samples. A lot of designers bring out a new fragrance at this time and one little bottle will last for several days. During a very "poor"! part of my life I would treat myself to a spray of No 5 or, maybe some Dior, when I visited Boots or House of Fraser.

Mosaic123 Wed 20-Dec-17 01:06:19

Can I suggest sunglasses and lipstick? Looks like you are fully made up.

As long as there is a hint of sun in the (winter) sky this is an old fashioned Hollywood look in just one minute.

Ollivander84 Wed 20-Dec-17 02:19:45

Couple of tiny things I do
Nails when watching TV! And file feet, then loads of cream and put socks on
Lip balm and hand cream before bed, every night, it's the last thing I do before I go to sleep

Betsy86 Wed 20-Dec-17 02:40:03

Lol stormtrooper 😂

I need to do the same always feel like a scruff bag. Have some nice smart casual clothes but nothing fits me at the moment as im just beyond greedy... but do want to start lookimg more presentable so reading this thread!!
Im not scruffiest person ever but weights not helping.... im rubbish at make up but do try ha... my hairs rely boring would love extensions... and i must start doing my nails. Have lots of lovely paints etc and never get round to just making time to do it. Then feel ashamed catching a glimpse of my hands through the day. Were not meant to wer varnish at work so got used to not bothering but now so many weat it or have super glam acrylics etc i dont see why im not allowed so going to start making more effort!