Best Newborn Beds

We put the nine best newborn cribs, baskets and nests to the test and we are confident that the best buy for most parents is the Sleepyhead Deluxe

Best Newborn Bed 2017

Sleepyhead Deluxe+

It looks great, it's easy to clean and it's one of the most versatile sleeping products on the market. We love the Sleepyhead Deluxe and we think you will too

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More Healthius Best Newborn beds

Newborn playing in the baby box

Best Budget Newborn Bed 2017

The Original Baby Box

The Baby Box is a new concept for the baby sleep market that offers a thoughtful and budget-friendly alternative to a crib or Moses basket

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Knuma 4 in 1 bedside crib

Best Newborn Bed for Longevity 2017

Knuma Huddle 4-in-1 Bedside Crib

If you’re looking for newborn sleep solution that will have longevity, the Knuma 4-in-1 Bedside Crib is a product worth investing in

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Best Newborn Bed for Style 2017

Clair de Lune Wicker Noah Pod

Clair de Lune has created this beautiful Wicker Noah Pod, a modern, chic update to a traditional Moses basket

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Mother and baby in snuzpod2 3 in 1

Best Bedside Crib 2017

SnüzPod2 3-in-1

Stylish, functional and safe, the Snuzpod2 3-in-1 is a truly brilliant product that enables parents to co-sleep safely, feed easily and be close to their baby

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Newborn beds

Newborn Beds

With a real influx of alternative sleep solutions entering the baby market in recent years, it's worth considering how much space you have as well as what your budget is before making your decision

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