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Night owl children

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Eatingwormswithwine Tue 19-Dec-17 22:04:27

My kids (9&7) never go to sleep before 10/10.30 everynight. I get them up at 7.30 am and they have full days, healthy diets with few treats, no screentime through the week, limited tv time, plenty fresh air. I put them upstairs to bed around 8 every night but they’re never go to sleep before 10. It’s driving me mad. Is it just normal? What can I do if it’s not?

Eatingwormswithwine Tue 19-Dec-17 22:32:51


ZanyMobster Tue 19-Dec-17 23:07:24

I have one like this, he's now 11 but been like this since he started school. DS2 has always had a reasonable bed time although he goes to bed about 9pm now (he's 9).

DS1 always seems fine, teachers said he never seems tired etc so eventually I stopped worrying. He just potters around in his room so we still get adult time in the evenings.

Eatingwormswithwine Wed 20-Dec-17 00:06:28

My kids also don’t seem to suffer for it, doing fine at school etc.
They mostly Potter in their rooms but they do come downstairs multiple times each night, usually only briefly, for some reason or another but it drives me mad! I have to keep pausing the tv etc. I just want a night where we don’t get disturbed.

blackheartsgirl Wed 20-Dec-17 02:48:55

I have the same problem, mine are rarely asleep before 10 and they are 10 and 7. In fact I've tried everything over the years but nothing seems to work. Out of all 4 of mine 3 are night owls and so are me and dp which really doesn't help

And mine are up and down as well but after 9pm I draw the line. No more coming down after then, they can potter for an hour then lights out. They are awake at 7.30 and both are doing well at school